Indian Group, Corvinus Travel, August 31st 2018 
(I helped the tour organizer with some production for their visit in Stockholm)

“Hello Linnea, It was so great to meet you in Stockholm as our tour guide. Thanks to Dana from Corvinus travel who chose you for us. Thank you so much for your great service & you turned out to be more than a best of best tour guide. You not only took us around the city telling us the history of the place but kept us entertained time to time by playing violin & singing for us. Your r not just a tour guide but a great person inside out. Thoroughly enjoyed your loving friendly pleasing attitude . You r best of best. Thank you..” Lovingly – Manju

The East Coast of Sweden – 15-27 June 2018/Jóna Tours/Haman Scandinavia
including Solo-Concert in Kalmar Cathedral 

“…I so enjoyed your country and you showed us all aspects of your people that we would not have met on a normal tour and of course, all the music you played for us and sung and the CD,s of various Swedish stars past and present, not to mention the maypole dancing and singing. All great fun and i have happy memories, thank you…” Patricia from Norfolk

..”thank you for making our time in Sweden so enjoyable, with plenty of music and laughter.  You gave us a real insight into the way Swedish people live and everything was perfect..” Best wishes Mary McLean

Cruising Passenger from Emerald Princess – July 2016
”Now that the cruise is over and I am back at home in Canada, I can tell you that you were by far the most entertaining guide of the 8 tours I participated in.  I’ll always remember your gorgeous smile and beautiful voice.Thanks again for a great tour! Sincerely, Kathleen Broughton”

Art and Opera trip to Oslo – April 14-16, 2016
We were totally enchanted by you! Our trip to Oslo was amazing! Your song and music, for example in the church in Arvika, and the comical side you showed us while presenting Evert Taubes “Fritiof of Arcadia” were a great experience. But not only that, also the interest and attention you showed all of us participants. Your storytelling is clear and it was a pure pleasure listening to you. We will remember you as spontaneous, knowledgeable, attentive and immensely joyful. Despite the length of the trip it didn’t feel like it, thanks to your valuable and stimulating information and entertainment.”

Tord Eriksson, former President of the Swedish Pensioners Association in Sigtuna

Uppsala-OD Spring Concert and the Story of Linneaus – April 17, 2016
“Thanks a million for yesterdays’ fantastic trip to Uppsala! I’ve received several calls from participants who asked me to forward their appreciation! You are inspiring and energetic and gave us both musical and theatrical entertainment experiences. I’ve e-mailed ReseSkaparna to tell them how much we appreciated the whole trip and especially your engagement in making it so great.”

Rose-Marie Ekberg, The Pensioners Organisation in Jakobsberg

Concert in Mariefreds church – December 4, 2015

“…for us as your audience, your outstanding performance was joyful and soothing deep down in our souls. A heartwarming thanks!”

Sven-Anders Salvén

Opera trip to Dalhalla – July 2015

“I’ve been with ReseSkaparna on a fantastic trip to Dalhalla and experienced our world famous Nina Stemme in the opera Turandot! But I was even more impressed by our dear tour leader Linnéa Sally, who literally has filled our two days with glorious songs, music and experiences far beyond the ordinary – and her storytelling beats anything I’ve experienced before!” Thorny Einarsdatter Dabrowski

“Linnéas professional, knowledgeable and warm way of taking care of the participants surpassed most of what we’ve experienced before. That she’s also a mezzo-soprano and entertained us with beautiful singing and her wonderful violin made the trip even more pleasant.” Loulou and Tore Eriksson

Concert in the Herman Palm hall – June 2014

“You’re so versatile and give such immense joy to your audience.”

Anders Höök

Advent Concert 2014 in Musikvalvet

“Linnéa Sallay is phenomenal; She’s both an excellent mezzo-soprano and violin player. She has a charisma and warmth that goes straight into the heart, and she’s funny, spiritual, inventive and beautiful! In other words; she’s got it ALL!” Karin Reistad

Trip to Iceland – September 2014

“A huge and warm thanks…many of the participants thought this was the best trip ever. Our fantastic guide Linnéa was a real gem. Her songs and violin in the churches sent shivers of pleasure through the whole body and made the hairs on our arms rise. It was true joy! Not only did she get us to sing along, but the local guide and bus-driver sang too. She was happy the whole time and got us all in a good mood. She was simply FANTASTIC!” Owe Rönnquist, Trygg Hansa

Saltsjöbaden/Solsidan – January 2015

“The praise over the trip continues to come in. Someone even said it was the best trip ever.” Ulf Blanche, Swedish Pensioners Association Tunasol

Birthday party, Restaurant Solbrännan – October 2015

“Dear Linnéa and Tuulikki! A heartwarming thanks to you both for a wonderful evening. You were radiant and your song and music spread joy and love! The entertainment was far beyond our expectations. Peter was both surprised, happy and touched!” Kathrine & Peter Dornbusch


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