CURRENT Dear visitor, You are very welcome to contact me anytime you plan to visit Sweden and Stockholm. As an Authorized Guide I can offer you a guided tour of Stockholm where we can visit some of the most popular sights together. If you wish I can also treat you with some Swedish tunes, singing and playing my violin. Welcome to contact me for more information!...
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Welcome dear guest!

Let me introduce myself – Linnéa Sallay – a versatile opera singer, Authorized Guide of Stockholm who also plays the Violin. I present top quality performances, not only with opera, but also Swedish folk music and popular songs. I arrange Musical & Cultural Events and trips around Sweden for Companies and Groups of all kind. Besides you are welcome to book a guided tour with me around Stockholm, I might even treat you with some live music! Below you find six picture boxes where you can read more about my activities as an artist and guide.

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